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HULK - BROKEN WORLDS (2009) COMPLETE ... You've Never Seen So Many Hulks Before!

Hulk - Broken Worlds #1-2 (2009) CompleteEnglish | CBR | 2 Issues | 75.65 MB

Across the infinite stretches of the multiverse, countless worlds are forever changed by the monster known as the Hulk... but must his tale always end in tragedy? Join us as we revisit Marvel's alternate worlds for new tales of the rampaging green goliath! Go on a journey to the House of M, the Microverse, a Future Imperfect, Age of Apocalypse, the Days of Future Past, the Marvel Mangaverse, and the years 1602 and 2099! Then, you know the HULK, but it's time you met his whole family. From Bruce's cousin She-Hulk to those who've inherited his irradiated genes, Hulk's family tree is looking a little greener all the time. Featuring: The Sensational She-Hulk, Skaar, The Daughter of Hulk, and Thundra! Plus: legendary scribe Chris Claremont delivers an epic battle between the Hulk and Colossus!
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